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Is Your Hair Dull How to Make it Look Glossy

Is Your Hair Dull How to Make it Look Glossy

Beautiful hair is smooth, free of split ends, and notably glossy. If you want hair to shine in this special way, you need to visit a hair stylist regularly. You can also add polish to your hair by following some of the tips that cosmetologists offer their clients.

For example, have you noticed how some people’s long hair takes on a gleam in the sunlight? That dazzling look is not an illusion. If you flat iron your hair, you eliminate crinkly cuticles, thereby creating a larger surface area. When this occurs, it encourages the reflection of light. To protect the hair when ironing it, make sure that it is dry and select ceramic plates to safeguard against the heat.


Add Some Lowlights

If your hair features dark and light contrasts, it will appear shinier than if it is one colour. Therefore, if the base of your hair is dark, ask your hairdresser in Subiaco to add ribbons of a light colour. If you are blonde, see about adding lowlights or three slightly varied tones of one colour.

Whilst glossy locks are attractive, you do not want to use a shine product that contains mica to increase your strands’ gleam. Doing so can dry and roughen the hair shaft. Instead, make sure that any shine oil or product contains gloss-elevating ingredients that are good for your hair. Argan oil is one ingredient that meets this criteria.

To make your hair appear glossier, you also have to consider your hair type. Lighter hair is porous and therefore more vulnerable to product buildup. As a result, it gleams more when it is clean. On the other hand, dark hair is shinier when it is well conditioned and has not been washed for a day.

Add Some Gloss Yourself

A product that contains a gloss-friendly polymer will also increase your hair’s shine. However, you have to be careful about weighing the hair down. If your hair is thin, you need to use a spray formulation. Mist the product on damp hair. If you have thick hair, use a small drop and distribute the gloss evenly with your hands. A heavier natural oil is advised for anyone with coarse or kinky hair.

You may also want to think about applying keratin. The product, when ironed on the hair, leads to shinier frizz-free hair for up to three months.

Shiny hair is also healthy and nourished hair. Use Vitamin E oil on the hairline to increase the hair’s circulation, increase shine, and promote growth.

Using the right shampoo can also enhance the looks of the hair. Do not use clarifying shampoos that get rid of buildup, if you want to add shine. They strip too many of the hair’s natural oils. Instead, use a moisturising formula that features nourishing oils and proteins. Keep the focus on soft and shiny hair.